4 strategies for shop design with shopfitting furniture

4 strategies for shop design with shopfitting furniture

Shop aesthetics are constantly evolving. Staying on top of current trends is crucial to improve customer experience and sales success. At Inretail, we propose four creative approaches to shop design and the incorporation of your products with retail furniture.

1. Minimalist approach to furniture

Minimalism is taking centre stage in shop design. In 2024, it is visible in elements such as counters and clothes racks. These are essential for optimising space in shops and studios. Our minimalist counters, like Zaha or Foster, stand out for their simplicity and elegance, improving product visibility and circulation in the shop. The floor-standing racks in our catalogue, such as Eileen or May, reflect this style with space-saving designs that enhance the shopping experience.

2. Interactivity in the shopping experience

At Inretail we understand the importance of an omnichannel presence. Our furniture, such as podiums or decorative columns, encourage an interactive shopping experience, allowing customers a participatory approach to the products. Thus, in our e-shop you will find Hoz, a cylindrical podium, or our rectangular Brendel cubes, with fine lines for your shop window or floor.

3. Technology in counters

We integrate cable glands into our counters to make it easier for you to integrate technology elements such as smart POS to optimise the shopping experience. In this way, we not only ensure a seamless integration of technology into our furniture, but also protect it from damage or structural alterations.

4. Customisation and flexibility in retail equipment

Adaptability is essential. Our modular systems allow spaces to be easily reconfigured, adapting to different presentation and promotional needs. On the other hand, having furniture that fits the specific needs of your business maintains consistency with your brand identity and enhances the overall customer experience. That’s why, in the configurator on our website, you can customise retail equipment according to your shop’s needs.

In short, shop design is about more than aesthetics; it’s about functionality and experience. By incorporating trends such as minimalism, technology and customisation into your shop fittings, you can offer a more attractive and satisfying experience for your customers. At Inretail, we offer retail furniture for all types of businesses, helping you stand out – contact us for more information!